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4 Corners Canyon Climbers

View south and east from Area 52

Area 52 Trail Runs & Trail Development

4 Corners Canyon Climbers spent a good deal of time and effort in 2002 to try and rally together support from our community and other local organizations that are involved in recreational use of public lands. We joined with the Kokopeli Bike Club and submitted a lease application to the State of Colorado for 330 acres in the Stinking Springs area (known locally to 4CCC members as Area 52). It appears that the lease application (submitted in April of 2002) got lost in the shuffle. The check for the application fee was never cashed and we were told that they did not know where our application was when we called to follow up. The club has since determined that it does not have the resources available to continue an effort to lease the property. The efforts to raise funds and rally local support was exhausting for our small group. Many members found themselves burnt out after the fund raising and frustrated at the lack of enthusiasm from the community. We have come to the conclusion that efforts such as leasing the Stinking Springs area are beyond our current scope of ability and have decided to focus our efforts on having fun - the whole reason we formed this club in the first place. Perhaps in the future, as our organization grows and evolves, we will have the resources and involvement to pursue land management issues.

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