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4 Corners Canyon Climbers

About the 4 Corners Canyon Climbers

4CCC Mission Statement

4 Corners Canyon Climbers is an organization whose members operate 4 wheel drive vehicles to enjoy the scenery of our mountains, valleys, deserts, forests, canyons and all back country areas of our nation.

It is our mission to leave the land, vegetation and national/historical artifacts and dwellings as we find them. We strive to preserve natural and cultural resources by limiting travel only to established roads and 4 wheel drive trails. Cross country travel is expressly forbidden.

We will not drive through wetlands, meadows, cryptobiotic soil or any other delicate terrain that would be scarred by our passage.

We will not enter any private property without express permission from the land owner.

We will protect the history of our community, state and nation by not disturbing historic mining camps, ghost towns, or ancient Native American dwellings.

We will respect the rights and properties of all public land users, such as ranchers, farmers, oil companies, hunters, bikers, hikers, et al.

We will conduct our trail rides and activities in a safe and sane manner. Use of intoxicants while operating a motor vehicle during club activities is not allowed.

It is our wish to observe, respect and protect the history, geology and ecology of our public lands so that all may fully appreciate the true beauty and value of our national heritage.

4CCC Objectives

1. To promote the proper construction, maintenance and operation of 4 wheel drive off road vehicles. To encourage participation in 4 wheel drive motor sports.

2. To be part of our community and offer our experience and assistance wherever it may be needed.

3. To contribute to local community and charities in as many ways as possible.

4. To remove litter from our public lands.

5. To maintain a portion of the Colorado State Highway "Spruce Up Colorado" program.

6. To support our local law enforcement agencies by observing all motor vehicle laws.

7. To tread lightly and leave as little track as possible.

8. To be an open organization for all people.

9. To work directly with our government land use agencies.


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